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Exercise Rx's Barre Class

Effective Ballet Barre Workout in Cicero, NY

Come join the hottest fitness class with Exercise Rx's Barre Class. We are home to the best ballet barre workout in Cicero, NY. Barre is an innovative technique that targets strength, cardio, and flexibility for people of all skill levels, providing clients with self-focused time to transform their body and mind.


Class Details

With barre training, you will accomplish big results in small movements. The class is a collection of 50-minute total body workouts focusing on a series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. You'll use the ballet barre and other light equipment as you move through class, focusing on different areas of your body and building core strength. What makes our barre class unique is the hybrid of traditional barre with a functional fitness twist.

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Barre Classes

Effective Results with Low Impact

One of the most significant advantages of a barre workout is that it is very low impact on the body, which means you will get effective results and growth without the risk of straining or injuring your body. 

Low impact exercises are ideal for individuals who want to get fit but may suffer from a past injury or joint pain. With our barre exercises, you will increase your muscle definition, flexibility, and endurance without placing extra stress on your joints.

Developing Strength

With barre exercises, your body undergoes tiny isometric movements which are designed to work your muscle tissue greatly. You will notice this by the way your leg or arms will shake as you hold the positions in the workout. As you continue with the classes, these movements will start to greatly increase the core strength and stability of your body while also sculpting and shaping your muscles.

Improved Posture

Another advantage to a barre workout is that you will significantly improve your posture and flexibility. When holding the different positions on the barre, it is essential to achieve the proper alignment in your hips and spine.  As you continue with the exercises, you will eventually be able to maintain this proper alignment at any time during your daily life.

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"I came to Josh because I had no sense of direction. I had never worked out before and was very apprehensive about the whole training thing... He made me feel comfortable and I like that it is a private studio and not a gym... He was very knowledgeable and before I knew it, I had new muscles and a slimmer body... Thanks Josh!"

— Theresa S.