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Insightful Nutritional Counseling in Cicero, NY

The hard truth is that you can exercise as much as possible, but you won’t see true results unless your daily diet is in shape too. However, eating right is a lot more complicated than just counting calories. Make sure you’re fueling up properly by working with Josh of Exercise Rx. Josh provides insightful nutritional counseling in Cicero, NY, that’s tailored to your specific challenges and goals. 

Exercise Rx stands by a well-rounded approach to fitness. Any attempt to become healthier should itself be healthy and sustainable. Contact Josh to learn more about his nutritional philosophy.

Nutrition Plans That Work for You

Everyone comes to Exercise Rx with different goals. Some people want to lose weight, some want to build muscles, and others are struggling with illness and want to feel better. No matter what kind of journey you’re on, Josh’s nutrition coaching can help you get there.

Josh creates plans that are tailored to each individual client. Furthermore, he educates them about why the plan works and how it addresses their specific needs. Reach out today to get the process started, and consider combining nutritional counseling with personal training for a one-two punch approach to greater wellness.