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Meet Your Goals with Custom Personal Training in Cicero, NY

At one time or another, most of us have said that we’d like to get into better shape and lose some weight, or maybe we need helping rehabbing from an injury. Often, the first step is the hardest one to take without support and assistance. If you find yourself in a similar situation and don’t know where to turn, it’s the best time to consider custom personal training in Cicero, NY.

A Plan That Works for You

Josh, our personal trainer, works with you to learn your fitness goals and develop a program to meet them. It’s one that’s customized to you, your plans, your schedule, and your current fitness level. At Exercise Rx, clients are not pushed to their max right out of the gate, which just sets people up for failure, and it’s not what we ever want to do here at our private fitness facility.

Josh is dedicated to your success, and getting you where you want to be with positive support and encouragement. There may be a time when you need a kick in the butt, and you might get one, but there will always be a pat on the back to go along with it. His training methods incorporate one-on-one guidance, coaching, and motivation, so you always feel that you are supported while making strides in your performance.

Exercise Rx - Exercise Development Specialist Cicero, NY

"I'm approaching 70 and my doctor said that I needed to start working out to ensure my physical well being. I have a shoulder problem and a bad knee so I sought out a personal trainer. It was a great decision to hire Josh. My shoulder strength has doubled and he was able to adjust the exercises to work around my knee. I've lost 28 so far and my doctor said that I may have added 5+ years onto my life!... I can never thank you enough!"

— Priscilla R.

Exercise Rx - Athletic Conditioning Cicero, NY

Focused on Fitness

There are five key components of fitness that cover all the areas of health and wellness. You can focus on one area, but Josh specializes in developing plans that create overall workouts to incorporate the five areas, which are:

  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Flexibility

Working on these components together leads you to where you want to be from a fitness standpoint. You will lose weight while getting stronger and more flexible with greater endurance. You are going to look great and feel great.

When you are working with Josh, you will instantly feel more accountable about your fitness training program, which, in turn, will help you stay focused on accomplishing your personal health goals. Josh understands how to keep you motivated and how to advance your customized training to ensure you are always getting the most out of every single session you have with him.

By following his regimen, you are going to notice a number of different benefits, including improvement of muscle and bone health, improved sleep, a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and enhanced weight loss and weight maintenance. So start getting into the best shape of your life today by putting a focus on your fitness.

The Sum of the Parts

You can have a plan designed to focus on one aspect of your fitness, for example, developing a stronger upper body, or you maybe are looking for simple and effective weight loss. It’s simple for Josh to create a plan around that for you. But if you are looking for total body training, then you’ve also come to the right place. With Exercise Rx, a total plan is just that, it works, tones, shapes, and sculpts your entire body for outstanding fitness results.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your fitness goals. We proudly serve clients in Cicero, NY, and the surrounding areas.